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World of Tanks Bring in a World of Action

Ever wondered why tanks are such impressive wartime vehicles? Imagine the ability to cross various types of terrain, shoot out powerful ordinance, and coordinate attacks with other players sitting in other tanks. World of Tanks is all about knowing what your tank can do in a given battle and doing it the best you can. And considering how easily players learn to see their roles in any given match, the experience feels natural –instead of being “forced upon” by overzealous teammates who would like to play the role of squad leader.

All the Tanks, All the Fun

This is a free game, which means that you do not have access to every single tank in the field. As a new player, you start off with simple Tier 1 tanks that have basically low end stats. This however, should not be a cause for concern. The game matches up players according to what they have. New players are only matched with other newbies; those with higher levels will automatically get faced off against opponents of similar levels. Indeed, the only time a new player could get faced in an unfair match is if they end up with a long time player using a new account. But that occurrence is so rare that it hardly becomes an issue.

Dynamic Gameplay

While you get to choose which tank to drive, how to upgrade your unit (basically, leveling your tank crew), and what kind of tank to specialize in, you never get to choose the stage to play in. This random factor forces players to change their game play accordingly and makes matches less predictable and more exciting. This also means that even specialist units can be played in a variety of ways. Tanks that are fast and light often start out with scouting roles, but they are also effective in hit and run tactics or for blitzing enemy artillery. Artillery units tend to be used late game once enemy units are spotted, but they also serve a non-offensive purpose as a decoy or lure in order to trap enemies in an ambush. Lastly, the heavily armored tanks work well as a main offensive unit or as a defensive backup for the lighter units or artillery.

The game allows players to chat in real time, though expect this feature to not be widely used (in fact, expect to play plenty of games where your teammates say nothing at all). Cooperation takes a more gut and feel approach than a straight out dictation –which is more fun since you actually feel like you get to play the way you want.

The Verdict

There is no doubt that since its’ release, World of Tanks has grown from a simple multiplayer game into an online, in-depth tank combat simulation that is worth your time and also money. Sure, you can earn a good variety of tanks without paying, but once you start getting the hang of the game, it is actually a sound investment to invest money to get a few credits to buy a decent tank that you can use for a long time.

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