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Tank combat may seem all technical, and fussy –with calculations of target distance, weapon load outs, and a whole lot of other military jargon. And the fact that there is a huge lineup of different tanks throughout the history of war means that you cannot possibly remember what is so special and unique about each model and make. Fortunately, World of Tanks puts that all aside (though you still get a vast array of visually accurate models), in exchange for a gameplay that is fast paced, intuitive, engaging, and most importantly, addictively fun.

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The Best World War 2 Books

The Best World War 2 Books

There are not many people around who remember the Second World War in detail. Most of the people still alive were children at the time, while veteran soldiers are becoming less and less. Everyone should know the facts surrounding the Second World War, while for those who do not there are some great books available to order on Amazon that are really informative plus very educational. Here we take a look at some of them.

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